The Houdini séance has been a Halloween tradition since the first anniversary of his death, October 31, 1926 from peritonitis, an internal infection. Shortly before his death, Houdini made a pact with his wife Bess that if he could, he would return and make contact with her from the other side. They devised a coded message that only he and Bess knew; this would prove that it really was Houdini breaking through from the afterlife. But after 10 séances in 10 years, October 31st 1936, Bess had not received her beloved husband's personal message

Beginning in 1964, authentic Harry Houdini séances were held each Halloween Night in Sonoma County, California. Organized by Bill Soberanes (Argus Courier Newspaper Columnist),  Fred Daniels (Insurance Broker/Magician) and Nahmen Nissen (Magician/Entertainer). the séances continued until 2002. This documentary film tells the  story of how the séances started, the secret locations where they were held, the people that attended, and if contact was made. A 37-year annual Halloween event not to be forgotten.  Interviews, film footage, photographs, narration and music tell the complete story.  (57 minutes - 2015)

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