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Born in San Francisco, CA, Tom Wyrsch grew up in Sonoma County, developing an avid interest in film and filmmaking.  His close friendship with Bob Wilkins and John Stanley, widely known for their popular Bay Area-based TV series "Creature Features" (1971-1984), led Wyrsch to produce his first film documentary project in 2008, “Watch Horror Films, Keep America Strong: A Journey Into Creature Features”. Numerous theatrical screenings, followed by a DVD release in 2009, turned the project into a successful venture.
After working with his friend Richard Tuck to help him design his Playland-Not-at-the-Beach Museum in El Cerrito, CA, Wyrsch produced his second documentary in 2010 “Remembering Playland at the Beach”, dedicated to the fondly remembered San Francisco amusement park. Playland premiered at San Francisco’s Balboa Theater to a sold-out house. Seven more sold-out screenings led to a near six-month run at the Balboa.

The success of his first two productions lead to the production of four more full-length documentary films, "Back to SpaceCon” and “Sutro’s: The Palace at Lands End” in 2011, "The Annual Harry Houdini Séances”  in 2012, and “The Cliff House and Sutro Heights” in 2013. “Sutro’s: The Palace at Lands End” set a weekend attendance record for a documentary at the Balboa Theatre and earned honors as the highest grossing non-studio movie in San Francisco during that week.  

Tom's latest film "Uncle Forry's Ackermasions", produced in partnership with Strephon Taylor, is a complete tour of Forrest J Ackerman's famous collection of science fiction, horror and fantasy memorabilia.  Hundreds of rare photographs and video footage, covering  nearly four decades of the three different Ackermansions . Available now!

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