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The Houdini séance has been a Halloween tradition for nearly a century. Shortly before his death, on October 31, 1926, Houdini made a pact with his wife Bess that if he could, he would return and make contact with her from the other side. But after 10 séances in 10 years, October 31st, 1936, Bess had not received her beloved husband's personal message.

Beginning in 1964, authentic Harry Houdini séances were held each Halloween night in Sonoma County, California. Organized by Bill Soberanes (Argus-Courier Newspaper Columnist). The séances continued until 2002. This documentary film tells the story of how the séances started, the secret locations where they were held, the people that attended, and if contact was made. (DVD Extras: Alstrand Tribute / Houdini Movie Short Subject)   83 minutes - 2013


For more than a century, the natural beauty of Northern California’s wine country has drawn people from across the globe. But amongst the hardworking residents who made their homes there more than a century ago lurked a seedy and dangerous element: gamblers, thieves, prostitutes, murderers -- even pirates. Death or ruin traveled with them. And long after committing their untoward deeds, the spirits of many remain there roaming the hillsides, frightening current residents and turning this otherwise serene area into Haunted Wine Country. Paranormal experts, authors, historians, ghost hunters and gifted psychics recount the area’s ghostly tales and describe their personal experiences. A follow-up film to Haunted Sonoma County. Includes Napa, Sonoma & Mendocino counties. (Includes DVD Extras: Theatrical Trailers)

82 minutes - 2017

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"A historical journey across Sonoma County to haunted locations"
California's Sonoma County has a fascinating history that stretches back more than a century. Most everyone knows it for the acres of vineyards that make up part of the region's award-winning wine production. Sonoma County wines are known the world over. But until now, its ghosts have been kept a secret. Their stories, revealed here for the first time, paint a unique portrait of the area and its colorful residents. Wailing women, dark shadows, ladies in white -- it's a secret no more: Sonoma County is haunted. (DVD Extra: Theatrical Trailer)
72 minutes - 2016


For 14 years, 1971 to 1984, CREATURE FEATURES ranked in the Nielsen ratings as one of the most popular TV shows in San Francisco Bay Area television history. The Saturday night series was hosted by Bob Wilkins for eight years and John Stanley for another six. To those who grew up watching with family members and friends, the mixture of host commentary and classic and not-so-classic horror movies remains a nostalgic memory. WATCH HORROR FILMS, KEEP AMERICA STRONG, a full-length documentary journeys back through those years. Featuring classic show clips, interviews with Wilkins, Stanley and other key figures close to the show.  (DVD Extras: Wilkins & Stanley Clips)

83 minutes - 2013